So last Friday we had our 4th of July celebration at the Consulate. You can check out the local papers coverage here and here. It was nice to meet our Ambassador who has been tapped to be senior adviser to the Secretary in DC.

Since it is the 4th of July I would like to announce to the world that my life goal is to make it to our tricentennial in 2076. I will be 93 years and 10 months old and plan to use this video to help get me there! :-p

Unfortunately during the event I got some real bad news that an old colleague of mine, Miss Jean Smith had passed away back in DC. I worked with her for 2 years at OPM. She was an amazing woman who lived in DC her whole life. Someone who could put life into perspective in a second when you thought your world was caving in.

She is standing to my right here. On the picture she wrote: “You know I will miss you.” Thing is Miss Jean, it is me and many other people who are going to miss you! RIP

Been doing some traveling in the state of Rio Grande do Sul where I live and really enjoying it. Found this nature park that was just stunningly awesome. Full of little water falls and just what you think of when you think Brazil.

Some more just stunning videos and pictures from the park.

BMW should use that one there as an advertisement.

My best Into the Wild impression.

Nature has a way of healing us. Just got to get out there and see it, feel it and be it. And so akin to the way CBS Sunday Morning leaves you with a nature piece, here is one from me to you.