New information about the Foreign Service entry process as of May 2022!!!

A video about the Foreign Service produced by the U.S. Department of State.

You can find all of the official information about the Foreign Service and process to join here.

Take the test. My thoughts on taking the first steps!

Learn more about who we are and what we do in the video below.

A new video about the Foreign Service in 2021!

You have to understand this is not a quick process. Look how long it took me:

First FSOT attempt in Baltimore, MD.   Failed               Summer 2010

Signed up for the Foreign Officer Test (FSOT)                       18 December 2014

Took FSOT in Columbia, Maryland                                             2 February 2015

Found out I passed FSOT                                                              26 February 2015

Submitted personal narratives (PN)                                             19 March 2015

Received email stating I passed PNs                                                    8 May 2015

Studied all summer with DC Group                                                  Summer 2015

Took and passed Oral Assessment (OA)!!                               10 September 2015

Received World Wide availability medical clearance                2 October 2015

Received Top Secret Security Clearance                                              March 2016

Passed final suitability                                                                            March 2016

Received letter stating I was on hiring register                                 1 April 2016

Received email offering me a slot at A-100!!!                       26 September 2016

Began A-100                                                                                 9 January 2017

Arrived at first post                                                                     22 December 2017

Arrived at second post                                                                   22 October 2020

So if you are serious about making this your career and life choice, this website will help you study for the FSOT and make it a reality.