Well I made it! Sorry for the delay in letting you know I made it safely to Brazil.

 The city as I flew in.

Pulling up to the terminal.

 I went to Florianópolis for New Years weekend.  HUGE Island full of 42 beaches.

Alex and Mariella are a couple I hang out with.  Alex is also an FSO and is here the same 2 years I am.

 Old Mercedes truck I saw on the way up. Neat.

It reminds of Jurassic Park here it is so plush with green mountains and vegetation.

Yep we drank a lot of Brazilian Beer!

New Years on the Beach.  Truly amazing. 2018 is off to a great start.

On our way out of the Island.

Thanks for reading as always. – Rob
PS: Heading to Lima Peru soon to see Alex and Mariella get married!