Tchau is how you say goodbye in Portuguese.  And let me tell you it is not easy doing it with classmates who are now leaving for post.

Over the past 4 months, many of us have really gotten to know each other well.  Now a bunch of classmates who did not require language training, are leaving.  General training takes about 3 months, give or take.  That’s a tip for those reading who wonder how long after A-100 you will leave for post. Language training will keep myself and many others here through the summer.

We have such a social class that we went to sports games, happy hours, parties, board game nights, and many other things together.  A really awesome group.  But reality is hitting, and first tours start now!

This first group is leaving this week and I am very sad to see them go.  They completed their ConGen training and are now off to post.  While I am envious that they get to truly begin what we all took years to do, I am looking forward to summer in the States.

So to some of the most intelligent and awesome people I have ever met: Tchau.  I am sure we will see each other across the globe, but never all together again.  The last few months have been a blast and blessing!