Where do I begin with this smorgasbord of a post.  I think my Pittsburgh Penguins going back to back as Stanley Cup Champions is as good as any to start!

Mario Lemieux jumping into Sidney Crosby’s pool fully clothed. Let the summer of Stanley Cup celebrations begin.

Of course what would back to back Cups not be without a throwback to the time we did it in the early 90s!

Oh, you’re not here to read about my Penguins… probably a Capitals fan.  Ok, back to the Foreign Service stuff. Well Portuguese training is basically doing this to me at this point!


In more macro level FS stuff, it seems I got in just under the gun!

It seems instead of 4 or 5 A-100 classes per year, Secretary Tillerson will only do 1 or 2. Secretary Tillerson outlines the budgetary forecast for the FS in the article linked.  Either way, I must press on and do the best job that I can.

Have been real busy personally as well.  My condo is up for sale as I prepare to leave later this year.

Was in Typee Island with some of my online friends, and had a great time a few weeks back. Pittsburgh after that and then NJ this past weekend which was great. Gonna leave you with a nice little video from my time in Georgia to end this post a la CBS Sunday Morning.

I lied… gonna truly end this smorgasbord with a very sad ending in life:
RIP Chris Cornell
I regret that I never got to see you while it was on my mind to do so.  So as your beautiful voice sang so many times…
‘Say Hello to Heaven’ for us.