What is Foreign Affairs Day?

‘Each year on the first Friday of May, the Department of State observes Foreign Affairs Day, the annual homecoming for our Foreign Service and Civil Service retirees. This day also commemorates the members of the Foreign Service who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives serving the United States overseas. Both a solemn occasion and a celebration, Foreign Affairs Day recognizes employees of foreign affairs agencies and their dedication and service as they address foreign policy and development challenges around the world.’

The Department of State celebrated with a virtual program beyond the Secretary’s remarks.

Personally, we just got out of lockdown. Resiliency has been the key word of late. Not all of diplomatic life is glitz and glamour. A quick video on it because it would be boring for me to talk about it.

I have to admit I have been posting a lot more material on my YouTube page than here. The most recent is one about having pets in the Foreign Service. Check it out.

Other than that, it has just been work and home. I’ll leave you with a video from our Khmer New Year celebration last month.