The summer (in the US) err winter (here in South America) has had me on the road more than I could have ever imagined. I was in India most of June and a bit of July before a quick stop in London on the way back to the States for vacation. I think the last few months have been more of what people think of when they think Diplomat.

India was quite the experience. I spent a weekend exploring Mumbai, a weekend in New Delhi where I was able to make the trek to the Taj Mahal and then a weekend in Goa which is a beach town. I’ll cover each of them accordingly.

Mumbai is a HUGE city with about 19 million people! It really was an experience of a lifetime. Made me appreciate everything I have. You can feel that you’re in a country with over 1 billion people. Victorian English influence is still very much apart of the city that was called Bombay for many years. Some of my favorite pictures are below.

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Gonna do 7 photos of me in them and then 10 without of this wonderful city #mumbai #india. 1. Older man walked past in a #slum selling candy. His voice and diction really struck me. Impacting experience. 2. Special thanks to @kiranchira for showing me around! Book him on @airbnb 3. At #ghandi house #manibhavan. Really moving. 4. Near the @tajmahalmumbai. Super luxury hotel built in 1903. 5. In front of municipal corporation of Mumbai. Across the street from Victoria Terminus. All built by the British. 6. Hanging Gardens park that overlooks the city. 7. #jainism is a religion based on 5 principles. Definitely felt #god here. #babuamichandpanalaladishwarjitemple #diplolife #worldtravel #blessed­čÖĆ

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Two major spots are the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Gateway of India.
Also really cool and spent some time at are the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India and the Gateway of India.

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1. #dhobighat is an open air laundromat since the 1800s. Very humble living here. The contrast to the big buildings in the background is interesting. 2. Some beautiful wall #graffitiart. Rare sighting here. 3. #Mumbai oldest #market. 4. @unesco site #victoriaterminus aka now as #chhatrapatishivajimaharajterminus built in 1887 by the British. 5. #gatewayofindia­čç«­čç│ also built by English. Opened in 1923. 6. Originally the front of the @tajmahalmumbai now is the back. Opened in 1903. 7. Portugese Christian enclave apartment. 8. #babuamichandpanalaladishwarjitemple temple. #jainism Felt #God here. 9. #ghandi bedroom in his house from 1913 to 1934. #manibhavan 10. Video from #hangingardens overlooking the city. #diplolife #worldtravel #india #asia #blessed­čÖĆ

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The next weekend I had I went to Goa, India. Beach resort town but it was the rainy season. Still cool to experience.

The last weekend I went to New Delhi. Taj Mahal is a 3.5 hour car ride south so I was able to squeeze that in. Aside from the Taj Mahal I also saw the Red Fort. A stop at Gandhi’s house was really moving.

On Sunday I just popped around New Delhi and saw some gardens and old temples. Not since I was in Doha in 2008 have a felt heat like this. Hit about 115F and my body could only operate for about 1 hour outside. The city has some amazing history and culture. Fast weekend. Saw as much as I could but it did not end up seeing much in New Delhi.

Of course what would a stop in London be without seeing The Who with Eddie Vedder at Wembley Stadium!

Then it was back to the States for a whirlwind tour of PA, NY, NJ,MD and DC with my girlfriend. Congrats to long time friend Dan and his beautiful bride Lauren.

Wasn’t back home for 10 days and had to go to Sao Paulo for work. Had a great view. Take a look.

And of course, Happy Labor Day everyone!

A reminder that our weekends and time off have been hard fought for! Watch the documentary.