I am getting behind in my blogging but am doing what I can to keep posting.

Ana and I went to Thailand last month and had an absolute blast. We had to fly through Bangkok on our way to and from Phuket, Thailand. Bangkok was so developed and full of life. I definitely want to visit again and would serve there in a heartbeat.

From there we flew down to Phuket where we spent 3 days out on boats, kayaking, visiting islands, snorkeling, and just enjoying the week. Bucket list material. Take a look.

The photos don’t do it justice.

Our stops included James Bond Island (1974) one day and the island where The Beach (2000) was filmed.

Can suggest traveling and having experiences like this enough. Life is short and these are the moments we really live for.

As always, thanks for reading and watching.

Next stop: Singapore.

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