I think and feel it important that we celebrate the contributions of African Americans in both American Diplomacy and life itself.

The thing about the Foreign Service and serving in the US military overseas is that the average American knows very little about it. Beyond that, rarely do Americans get to see and hear from those of us serving overseas.

As we celebrate African American History Month, my friend Jalessa had a conversation about her experiences serving overseas in the Navy and what it is like living in Cambodia.

Also worth mentioning, as a former Air Force service member myself, the appointment of retired 4 star general Lloyd Austin as the first African American Secretary of Defense is big news. He is an amazing example of the modern strides America is making regardless of the issues we are still tackling.

I am a big fan of JFK so if you have time, go back and watch what he said some 58 years ago. Our struggle for a more perfect union is a perpetual one. I keep his words near and dear to my heart as I try to help our wonderful country move forward together.