I have to admit that I have never had to stay in one building, apartment or house for two straight weeks but I guess this is just another weird part of 2020. We made it to post last last Thursday night and have been in our apartment since. Our beloved Frenchie did not make it… yet! This is another little wrinkle in the foreign service life I figured I’d share with yinz.

So I wish I had more to report and I wish our dog was here but this is just a great example of challenges that arise that one must overcome and deal with when living this foreign service life. Many people think its all fun and travel but in reality it is a ton of hard work, administrative tasks and a few disappointments.

In other news, I was able to mail my ballot in the day before we left. I voted! I voted by absentee ballot in 2008 but this was my first time voting by regular mail in. I hope you vote because many people do not have near the choices nor system that we have. And while things are politically testy right now in the US, it is still an amazing country and form of government.

Once out and about, I will post more but until then I will be reading this book.

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