I have been back 6 weeks now from Antarctica and just needed that much time to process the majesty of our 7th continent.

Quark‘s video does as good a job as any in showing and explaining the magic of the place. But it still does not hold a candle to experiencing it for yourself.

Near the Lemaire Channel.
I happened to be with a professional photographer who took this on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in Palaver Point, Antarctica. (Ric Tapia via AP)

This is a generic look at our route.

And for those who like the nitty gritty details of the voyage.

I can’t explain how awesome the trip was from start to finish. The Captain did an amazing job, the staff was spectacular, the 182 passengers awesome and the experience literally one of a lifetime.

For organizational purposes I am just going to post the date and location and then photos from here on.

Day 1: Ushaia, Argentina and Tierra del Fuego Nat Park

Day 2: Beagle Channel & Drake’s Pass

Day 3 Melchoir Islands:


Day 4: Antarctic Circle & Polar Plunge

Day 5: Sea Paddling, Red Rock Landing and Historical site

Day 6: Fish Islands

Day 7: Lemaire Channel, Petermann Island, Port Charcot and Lemaire Channel

Day 8: Cuerville Island, Neko Harbour, Paradise Harbour, Skontorp Cove, and Sunset Cruise

Day 9: Enterprise Island, Wilhelmina Bay, Palaver Point