Been meaning to write but life happens as you know.

Been taking a lot of weekend trips but not this weekend so here are some pics of recent trips.

Three Amigos. We essentially drove around the big lake here in the south of Rio Grande do Sol (the state I live in).

Ya know just a random cow on the road. He was on the road as I approached and then slowed down. Cool pic with Fabian in the rear-view mirror.

My buddy Alex followed behind most of the way on his bike. We all went to the beach together.

First night we stayed in Mostardas. Wonderful little town.

The beach, not far, was an awesome drive I got to use my AWD for!

We were not the only ones with 4×4. A club of these vehicles owners were down there having fun too!

Next Day we headed down to Sao Jose do Norte.

Came across this old building with a street dog (cusco is the local term) and it was just the perfect picture.

As we waited for a boat to cross the river I saw this man and it was something out of National Geographic. I wonder what his life has been like. I know mine is blessed just seeing him.

We loaded my car onto a boat and headed towards Rio Grande!

We drove through Rio Grande quickly and heading quickly to the bigger city of Pelotas!

Such architect and arts in this city. The early 1900s got this right. We debated this situation as we walked throughout the city.

Where you would pay for your theater tickets over 100 years ago!

My favorite pic from the trip (below).

The following weekend I spent in Gramado!  You got to visit there when you come to the south of Brazil.

Stopped at a little village festival on the way back!

I met the mayor of Sao Vendelino and this is their mascot!

Also went to Torres recently!

Rio is up next.  Happy Mother’s Day!
Thanks for everything Mom!