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So my Mom is probably the only one reading this blog now, but I still think putting together a page to explain actually what I will be doing, is a good idea.  Let’s start with what is the Foreign Service?  This video can explain it way better and engaging than I can.

I will be a Public Diplomacy (PD) officer.  A great example here.

Keep in mind, I will probably spend the first 2 years somewhere in a consular role, stamping passports and dealing with visas.  This is the bread and butter of diplomatic work and every FSO has to do a 2 year tour in consular no matter their own cone.

Now you are probably asking, where will you go?  How that works is that everyone in initial training, called A-100, gets a list during the first week or so.  The list has as many slots as there are people in the class.  Each individual is asked to rack and stack their preferences into a top 3rd, middle 3rd, and lower 3rd.  They hand their lists back in and then the State Department looks at everyone’s preferences versus the needs of the service.  During the 5th week of class, flag day occurs, and everyone finds out where they are going.  Think NFL draft here where someone at the podium announces your name and then the country you are going to.  Very exciting stuff!  I will find out in February where I am heading.


Want to really get an in depth understanding and little history lesson of what I am about to get into?  Check out this excellent documentary on the Foreign Service (worth the $4).  America’s Diplomats

And for any diehards and/ or aspiring diplomats, I also suggest this documentary, ‘The Diplomat’ on Richard Holbrooke, available on HBO.         “Life is always risks.”



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  1. You’re right Rob I’m your first to read your Blog – and will not be the last. Looking forward to what the future holds for you and excited for your new adventure. I must admit I’m nervous about this adventure you choose but I know how hard you work and need to explore so I have made peace with myself regarding your choice. Break a Leg you will be awesome 🙂

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